1 Toon Malaysia: A collection by Johnny Ong


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“Johnny Ong’s cartoons are such perfect depictions of current issues in Malaysia. The cartoons always resonate with what the general public feel. It has been exciting to see the evolution of his early tentative endeavors materializing into this collection. Syabas!!”
–Ms Estrelita Soliano, a blogger

“There are few political cartoonists in Malaysia. And even fewer who exhibit courage in their cartoons. Johnny Ong has earned his stripes as one. His finger is firmly on the pulse of Malaysian politics, and he comments without fear. We need more cartoonists like him.”
–Kee Thuan Chye, Journalist, Author, Playwright, Actor

:Johnny has what it takes to be a political cartoonist in Malaysia: understand politics and daring to draw.”
–Zunar, Cartoonist Extraordinaire (Malaysiakini.com)

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