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The card game of Malaysian politics.

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It’s election time! (Finally)
POLITKO is a card game about wacky scheming, cynical realpolitikā€”in other words, it is a game about winning the Malaysian general election!

Janji ditepati!
Woo voters with cash handouts, hudud law, or petrol subsidies.

Pencapaian diutamakan!
Hire phantom voters. Control the media. Cook up a sex scandal to alienate your enemy’s supporters or betray your own allies! (If that doesnt’ work, you can always blame the Jews.)

Lawan tetap lawan
Choose from 9 distinct (and familiar) political parties to lead to victory.

Play with up to 6 friends, of any race. But are they really your friends? Remember: it’s not about the people. It’s about Putrajaya.

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